10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry

Regiment Personnel

Mounted Troops

Company A

Chuck Milburn and PhantomMajor Charles A. Milburn, First Battalion Commander- Peoria Heights, Illinois

Major Milburn commands the regiment's first battalion. His personal mount is Phantom, an 18+ hands Friesian Thoroughbred Cross. The Major is employed by Keystone Steel and Wire He is the brother of Chief Bugler, Dawn Henry.

First Lieutenant Remington Kane - Springfield, Illinois

Remington Kane has been a cowboy action shooter since he was 11 years old. He shoots competetively and is a two time State champ for his age group. In addition to shooting, he practices Shuto-ryu karate. He started at age 3 and has been awarded his 1st degree black belt. He is the son of Lt Col Greg Kane, Co A, Mounted Troops, and Sandy Kane, civilian, and his brother is Corporal Duke Kane, Company A. Remington rides Dakota, a Missouri Foxtrotter. He is a graduate of UMSL and is a Doctor of Optometry.

Company A - Trooper Sarah SchultzeCorporal Sarah Schultze - Ludlow, Illinois

Sarah loves to work with horses, and is quite the photographer. Sarah has two horses, a paint quarterhorse, and a Shire. Sarah has participated in the Fort Riley, Kansas, Cavalry Competition, placing in 5 events. Sarah has received the Army of the Tennessee Medal for her devotion to duty in the 10th Cavalry. She also trains her horses and shoots competitively in mounted archery.

Company A - Corporal'Duke' KaneCorporal Jonathan "Duke" Kane - Springfield, Illinois

Corporal of Company A
Jonathan "Duke" Kane enjoys target shooting with his .22 rifle. He is the son of Lt Col Greg Kane, Co A, and brother of First Lieutenant Remington Kane, Co A. Duke is nicknamed after the Great American, John Wayne. He is very active in Shuto-ryu karate. He attends school in Missouri.

 Farrier Corporal Marti Schneerman- Bloomington, Illinois

Marti portrays Corporal Frank Jageman and is a farrier corporal in the regiment, demonstrating during events what a farrier would do to take care of the horse's hoof. A farrier corporal was assigned to each company to take care of its 100 horses. In real life, Marti is a Biosafety Consultant. She enjoys studying history and loves working with her horses. (Photo by Tom George Davison)

 Trooper Steve Thornton - Buffalo, Iowa

Steve Thornton has reenacted for several years in Iowa with the 3rd Iowa Cavalry which is dismounted and has come to Illinois for a chance to ride his fabulous horse Ricky Bob with the 10th Cavalry's squad. They have both become integral parts of the regiment. Steve is a rancher, raising cattle in Iowa. He once told us he is "just a farmer." There is no such thing as "just a farmer," Steve. Without you, we don't eat. (Photo by Tom George Davison.)

 Maritza Mendoza, Lexington, Illinois

Maritza is a mounted trooper and is studying the calls to become a mounted bugler. The regiment has a dismounted bugler, but a mounted bugler is needed, especially for nationals and large regional events. She will be called upon often by higher command. The regiment is very pleased she is willing to take on this challenging task. It is also extremely helpful that she is an accomplished rider. (Photo by Tom George Davison)

Company A - Trooper Barry BergmanTrooper Barry Bergman, Arthur, Iowa

Barry lives in western Iowa, way far western Iowa. He drives many miles to come to reenactments with us, and to attend other reenactments as well all over the midwest. He loves to ride his horses. Barry is a farmer, one of the 1% who keep us fed in our country! Barry is so excited about Civil War reenacting, he has brought two grandchildren, Abigail and Gabe, to ride and join up. We welcome the Bergman Clan! (Photo by Tom George Davison)

Company A - Trooper Abigail BergmanTrooper Abigail Bergman, Arthur, Iowa

Abby loves to come to the reenactments to learn more about Civil War history and the type of fighting they did, especially on horseback. She comes with her grandfather, Barry, and her brother, Gabe. She lives in Arthur, Iowa. (Photo by Tom George Davison)

Company A - Trooper Gabe BergmanTrooper Gabe Bergman, Arthur, Iowa

Gabe lives in Arthur, Iowa, with his sister, Abigail, who is also a member of the 10th Cavalry. He is quickly learning drill and maneuvers on horse, and what it means to be dismounted at times as well. Gabe came to the 10th Cavalry as a new member with his grandfather Barry Bergman. (Photo by Tom George Davison)

Company A - Trooper Jerry LeitschuhTrooper Jerry Leitschuh, Summerfield, Florida

Jerry has been a Civil War reenactor for many years. He is originally from Hillsboro, Illinois, and graduated from Illinois State University. He taught junior high science in Hillsboro prior to moving to Colorado. Jerry spent 10 years in the prison system - as a TEACHER for the boot camp program. He has been a member of the Fort Garland Regiment in Alamosa, Colorado and now lives in Florida. He has also participated in cowboy mounted shooting. Jerry has worked with Equine veterinarian Dr. Karl Luthin in reenacting and on movie sets and has been in several films as a reenactor, including "Far and Away" and Disney's "Alamo." He has worked on films for the National Park Service and TBS. He is retired from teaching and from the Illinois Army National Guard. When he is not reeanacting, Jerry enjoys his grandchildren, scuba diving, and is a member of the American Legion. He lives in Florida with his wife Judy.