10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry

Regiment Personnel

Dismounted Troops

Company D

Sergeant Jeff Bair1st Sergeant Jeff Bair - Lady Lake, Florida

Jeff is 1st Sergeant of Company D. He is an Illinois native, is married to Becky, and has many grandchildren. He is a retired Energy Manager for Keystone Steel and Wire, Peoria, Illinois and a retired Air Force Officer where he worked in Combat Operations, Aircraft Maintenance, Special Forces. He had 10 years prior enlisted service in Electronics Maintenance and Training (Drill) Instructor. He volunteers in Civil War presentations, and is a Lincoln's New Salem interpreter as well.

Company D - John RehbeinSergeant John Rehbein - Auburn, Illinois

John portrays a Sergeant in Company D. He leads our dismounted squad and has been instrumental in getting camp set up at events. Hobbies include woodworking, building wood furniture, and he is very interested in military history. He is married to Shirley who portrays a civilian in the regiment. They have a son, Alex. John was a modern day citizen soldier for over 30 years and is the retired Command Sergeant Major of the 766th Engineer Battalion, Illinois Army National Guard. Thank you for your service, John!

Company D - Matt ChanceyCorporal Matt Chancey - Lake Kiowa, Texas

Matt portrays a corporal of dismounted troopers in Company D. He enjoys baseball, and the study of history, especially the Civil War. Matt is married to Barbra, who portrays a civilian in the 10th Cavalry. Matt is a retired Public Defender and former Prosecutor. He and Barbra live in Texas.

Trooper Ian Homeier Trooper Ian Homeier - Chatham, Illinois

Ian has been with the regiment since he was eight years old when he portrayed the color bearer and courier for the regiment. He is now a dismounted trooper in Company D. He studies the Civil War and has visited many battle sites. Outside of reenacting, he is involved in many athletic activities. He is the grandson of the regiment's civilian laundress/cook, Shea Ingram. His brother, Elias, is also a dismounted trooper in Company D. His brothers, Micah and Atticus, are also recruits in the regiment.

Trooper Ian Homeier Trooper Elias Homeier - Chatham, Illinois

Elias has been with the regiment since he was ten years old and carried the guidon for the regiment. Even then he visited battle sites and participated in national reenactments. He is now a dismounted trooper in Company D. Elias studies history, and is an athlete as well. He is the grandson of the regiment's civilian laundress/cook, Shea Ingram. His brother, Ian, is also a dismounted trooper in Company D. His brothers, Micah and Atticus, are also recruits in the regiment.

Company D - Trooper Dan WagnerTrooper Dan Wagner - Bartonville, Illinois

Dan is a dismounted trooper in Company D. When he is not demonstrating firearms and wearing wool with the regiment, he is enjoying being retired from Keystone Steel and Wire of Bartonville, Illinois. He enjoys rodeos, the Old West, the Civil War, shooting and horses. He also owns a bay quarterhorse.

Company D - Trooper Aidan SchwartzTrooper Aidan Schwartz - Chatham, Illinois

Aidan is a dismounted trooper in Company D. Aidan does double duty in the regiment as the drummer on the march, and as a flag bearer on the battlefield. His position on the battlefield directs the troops to a rally point when they must move to a different position. He is usually assigned to the commander of the regiment.

Company D - Trooper Conner SmithTrooper Conner Smith - Petersburg, Illinois

Conner is a dismounted trooper in Company D. He enjoys hunting, fishing, woodworking, and automotive work. He is immersing himself in Civil War history, learning something new every day, even making his own hardtack. He lives in Petersburg.

Company D - Trooper Rob ArntzenTrooper Rob Arntzen, Winnebago, Illinois

Rob comes to us with reenacting experience in the 8th Illinois Cavalry in the Chicago area. When he is not reenacting, Rob enjoys shooting and ball room dance. Rob is employed by Arntzen Corp. He lives in Winnebago and is married to Sue. They have 2 children, Tami and Alex.

Company D - Trooper Terry GerdesTrooper Terry Gerdes,Wall Lake, Iowa

Terry comes from the far West (Iowa) to reenact a dismounted soldier. He is also a chaplain and does his best to help keep us spiritually healthy. Welcome to the 10th, Terry! (Photo by Tom George Davison)

Company D - Trooper Shelby MorecraftTrooper Shelby Morecraft, Jewett, Illinois

Shelby is a very versatile member of the 10th Cavalry. She rides, she is dismounted, and she can be the flag bearer on a moment's notice. Her sister Lexi, and her father,Tim, participate in the regiment as well.

Company D - Brent WestTrooper Brent West - Kenosha, Wisconsin

Brent comes to the 10th Cavalry with prior reenacting experience with the 8th Illinois Cavalry from the Chicago area. He enjoys dancing, running, studying history, and swings a mean axe in Chopping Wood for the 10th Cavalry at reenactments. Brent also enjoys sleeping under the stars, inviting others to go without a tent and sleep next to the fire, even when it is 26 degrees! Brent lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin with his wife Amy.

Trooper Tom Brady, Chicago, Illinois

Tom Brady joined the 10th Cavalry after witnessing the troops in action at a Bloomington reenactment. He enjoys learning about history and has learned much about individual battles of the Civil War. He especially enjoys visiting Civil War battle sites. He can describe what is happening at a reenactment as to who is advancing at what part of a battle (even when the troops don't know yet what is happening.) He also enjoys film making and acting. Tom is a graduate of Normal Community High School and attends college in Chicago.